Wuzzleburg Idol is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

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In the previous episode, the Wubb Girlz announced they would be holding a competition in Wuzzleburg to find someone to perform with the Wubb Girlz in concert. Everyone practices singing, dancing, and playing music, but they all try to be just like the Wubb Girlz which makes Wubbzy think he has to be just like the Wubb Girlz in order to compete. Wubbzy must find his own way to perform in Wuzzleburg Idol.


Following the announcement of the Wuzzleburg Idol talent show, Wubbzy goes around to find out what his friends' acts are. He first arrives at Daizy's house, where she is watching the Wubb Girlz on TV dancing. Her act is that she likes to dance. Wubbzy tries to dance like her, but ends up failing. Not knowing what to do, he heads to Walden's observatory where he scientifically dissects their hit single and for his act, he learns to play all the instruments-at the same time! Wubbzy attempts to do so but learns he isn't good at it. In Widget's workshop, she shows Wubbzy her latest invention: the Voice Choice 3000 for her act. He tries it out using several modes, but he wounds up failing once again. Walking outside, he saw various townspeople dancing (including a cat), thus Wubbzy realizes he can't sing or dance like the Wubb Girlz. He decides there's no way he can win, so he sulks in the park bench. But all is forgotten when luckily for him, the Wubb Girlz show up and convince him that the best way to participate is to "just be yourself!" Wubbzy is encouraged and runs off to practice. That night at the talent show, the Wubb Girlz are impressed at first by the amazing singing and dancing, but quickly tire of the numerous imitations of their singing and dancing. When Wubbzy shows up as the last act playing a ukulele, juggling, bouncing and singing "Wow Wow!!", the Wubb Girlz are totally bowled over! Wubbzy is declared the winner of Wuzzleburg Idol! He's going to Wuzzlewood!


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Common Elements

Widget's Invention

The Voice Choice 3000 is a souped-up microphone that switches voices with the push of a button. Widget presses it once and she sounds like Shine. She presses it a second time, which makes it sprout a second microphone head, and she sounds like Shimmer and Sparkle singing together in harmony. She presses the button a third time, which makes it change to three microphone heads, and she sounds like Shimmer, Sparkle, and Shine all singing together in harmony. As Wubbzy finds out by accident, it does other people's voices too: the microphone head changes to a disco ball and makes a deep male voice; the microphone head shrinks and makes a really high-pitch voice; the microphone changes to look like a singing lady's head and makes a soprano woman voice (which makes it easy to hit a high note and cause things to break).

Post-Show Skit

The music video for the Wubb Girlz' hit song "Sing a Song" is played.

Name in other languages

  • Spanish (Spain): El ídolo de Wuzzleburgo
  • Portuguese (Portugal): O ídolo de Wuzzleburg


  • Wuzzleburg Idol is a parody of American Idol.
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