This is a tutorial on how to upload correctly captures of some Wubbzy episode at its maximum resolution, which is 1920x1080 in HD. That way you can give Wubbzypedia maximum quality when it comes to episode galleries.

This is not an explicit rule, it is a recommendation for those who want to upload images of Wubbzy episodes in HD.

Detect that your episode video is HD

YouTube and Amazon

The best way to get the episodes is to buy them on YouTube or Amazon, so that they are captured there. The videos of those two platforms are 100% HD.

I have a video of an HD episode

If you have your video, you must first detect that it has the 1920x1080 resolution. You should also realize if it is not blurry, if it is, it may not be HD.

In compatible formats

  • Right click to your video
  • Click Properties
  • Click Details

In the Video section, you should see that the width is 1920 and the height is 1080 (or similar to that).

Other formats

Download MediaInfo through this link:

Then, go to your video, right click > MediaInfo

Make sure it says 1920x1080 or similar.

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Methods to capture the episodes

PrintScreen method

Note: This method only works when your system has the 1920x1080 resolution

  • Play your video in full screen. Make sure there is nothing else in the way.
  • In Windows 8 and later
    • Press the Windows key + PrintScreen key
    • Your capture will be saved in Pictures > Screenshots
  • In Windows 7 and earlier (other systems too)
    • Press the PrintScreen key
    • Copy the image to an editor (such as Paint)
    • Save the image in PNG format.

VLC method

  • Open VLC
  • Go to View > Advanced controls

In the interface, you will see new buttons, one of them is to capture the screen. Open the video of the episode and start capturing.

FFMPEG method (Windows only)

Download FFMPEG here!

  • Create a folder containing the program FFMPEG.exe and the video of the episode to capture. There will be the folder where the captures will be made.
  • Open the command prompt (cmd.exe). If it is not, redirect to the folder where the captures will be made.
  • Run the program with this parameter: ffmpeg.exe -i "<NAME OF THE FILE>" -r <increment> <photo name>.png
    • Do not include <>. Include quotes when the file name has spaces.
    • The increment is divided by 1.
    • The name of the photos must be without spaces.
    • Add "%01d" in a certain part of the name to add the count. Example.(%01d).png = Example.(1).png, Example.(2).png, etc.
    • Full parameter example: ffmpeg.exe -i "Example.mp4" -r 0.33 Example.Capture(%01d).png
  • Wait for the program to start capturing the video


It is recommended that you rename your captures to something recognizable for example WTG - Capture (<number>).png (WTG means Who's That Girl?)

You can use Advanced Renamer for that (Windows only).


Common method

  • Create or edit the gallery page via Classic Editor
  • Click "Gallery"
  • Click "Add Photo"
  • Click "Upload Photo". Do the same until you complete all the images.
  • Click "Finish", and publish the revision

Avoid any problems during the process, if not, you would have to put the names of the files via Source Editor or start all over again.

Wiki-Up Method (requires renaming via numbers)

Download Wiki-Up here!

  • Open Wiki-Up
  • Type in "Wiki URL" the address, then your username and password
  • Click on "Add Files"
  • Go to the folder where the captures are, and select all your captures.
  • Click on "Upload" and wait for the screenshots to be uploaded to the wiki.
  • Once finished, go to this page: Special:BlankPage/BarfMyList (You can also find it in "My Tools > Page Barf" in the toolbox.
  • Fill in all the required parameters (the Namespace section is not required since we will put it in a gallery)
  • When you have the list, copy it, and create or edit the gallery page via Source Editor.
  • Put: <gallery></gallery> (Obviously, separated to fit the list)
  • Paste the list in the gallery, verify that the photos are displayed correctly (Desktop Preview), and publish the revision.
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