Wow Wow Discord is a Discord server for fans of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. It was founded by Telli.

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Server rules

  1. Be nice: We don't want any fights or drama in here, take it up in the DMs. If someone is making you uncomfortable or harassing you, we could kick it.
  2. Don't put NSFW in the general chats: Do not put that in a place where everyone can see it, not everyone wants to see it.
  3. Use common sense. We want activity, but excessively bad words, sensitive topics, or swearing anything is not correct. Try not to say excessively (be it in a message or saying several times) the bad words, as well as having a healthy conversation.
  4. Stay as friendly as possible. In this way, we can be in a clean room without immorality.
  5. Don't spam the channels (except #heckposts)
  6. To win the role "Wubbzypedia Editors", you must edit in this wiki.
    1. Make 100 editions in the wiki (only namespace 0 (articles))
    2. Edit the wiki every day for 1 week.
  7. wubbzy_art has distribution rules (For the convenience of everyone on the server)
    1. The most obvious, that channel will only be for art related to the series. If another character from another series wants to be included, that should go to #other_art
    2. The drawing cannot show any hate to the series.
      1. The drawing cannot show any kind of hate, fight or others among the characters.
    3. The drawing must use the logic of the series to be safe (SFW). Use common sense here, since explaining it can be extensive.
    4. The representation of the characters in other ways than the original is allowed while using the logic of the series. (use common sense please) References to other things are also allowed.
    5. No hidden NSFW. If detected, you could be kicked from the server.

If you want to give suggestions or reports from our staff, feel free to send your suggestion or complaint to #server_feedback to see how we can improve on this server.


Upon entering, you will be with the default role "@everyone", which has these restrictions:

  • You can't change your nickname
  • You can't insert links
  • You can't upload files (except in #wubbzy_art and #other_art)
  • You can't view the voice channels
  • You can't stream (Go Live)
  • You can't use custom emojis (except in #emoji_playground)

To remove the restrictions, just keep complying with the rules, that you are not a troll/spamer, and you will be given a "Verified" role to enjoy this server more. This role can also be achieved if the user achieves level 2 in the server ranking (Controlled by Gaius Play)

If you break the rules by having the verification role, that role will be removed from your user.

If you are seen breaking the rules (2 warnings), you will be given a "Restricted" role, indicating that you are about to be banned.

Restrictions for this role: You cannot send messages to #wubbzy_art, #other_art, #bots, #rp.

If you continue to infringe, you will be banned from the server (4 warnings).

If you want to read the messages of the NSFW channel, you must confirm that you are over 18 years old, and we will be granting access to that channel.


Text Channels

Channel Topic Slowmode? Access
#welcome_and_rules Rules of Wow Wow Discord No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin

#announcements All news (such server changes) will be posted here! No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#roles React to the message, and get the roles of "character fans" No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#wubbzy_wednesday Every Wednesday a publication will be created, to talk about the series. No Read = @everyone

Write (everyday) = @Admin, @Widget's Invents

Write (Wednesday) = @everyone

#introductions Introduce yourself! Say what you have to say about yourself. Yes (6 hours) @everyone
#wubb_hub For general talks, whether from Wubbzy, related or other topic. No @everyone
#staff_chat Conversation between server staff. No Read-only: @Wubbzypedia Staff

Read and Write: @Admin, @Mod

#full_logs Things that are changed on the server (such as a message, emotes, overview or members) will be registered here. No Read-only: @Mod, @Wubbzypedia Staff, @A Super Wubbzy Fan!, @Wubbzypedia Editors

Read and Write: @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#wubbzy_art To share art related only to Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (this channel has distribution rules) Yes (15 seconds) @everyone
#other_art Share another type of art or that does not comply with the rules to be in #wubbzy_art Yes (30 seconds) @everyone
#emoji_playground To play with our emotes without limits! No @everyone
#rp For role-playing stuff as Wubbzy characters. No @everyone
#general_reports Claims and suggestions for our server go here. Yes (15 seconds) Write = @everyone

Read message history = @Admin, @Mod

#heckposts Any random stuff, nonsensical and fun. No @everyone
#not-safe-for-wubbzy NSFW channel. No filters here. No Specific members, @Admin, @Mod, @Widget's Invents, @Pets
#voice_chat Used when a voice call is made. Yes (5 seconds) @Verified+
#bots To use/control/play with the bots included in the server. No @everyone

Voice Channel

Channel Topic Access
Music To listen to music with the Rythm bot Connect-only = @everyone

Speak = @Verified+

Music_HQ To listen to music with the Rythm 2 bot, in high quality Connect-only = @everyone

Speak = @Verified+

Voice_Chat To communicate with other members by call @Verified+
Voice_Chat_HQ To communicate with other members by call, in high quality @Verified+
Streaming For any type of streaming with the function Go Live @Verified+
Staff Talk Voice chat between server staff Connect-only = @Wubbzypedia Staff

Speak = @Admin, @Mod

Roles and permissions

Default role (@everyone)

  • Can read all public text channels and see voice channels of the "Bots" category
  • Can send messages (all public text channels) and connect to the voice channels of the "Bots" category
  • Can read the message history of each text channel (except #general_reports)
  • Can upload files to #wubbzy_art and #other_art
  • Can add reactions
  • Can use custom emojis in #emoji_playground

Role-playing at server level role

  • Can use custom emojis from other servers
  • Can change their own nickname

Verified / Wubbzy Speedrunner roles

  • Can insert links and upload files
  • Can use custom emojis from other servers
  • Can change their own nickname
  • Connect and talk on the voice channels of the "Bots" and "Voice Chat" categories
  • Can use voice activity
  • Can stream with Go Live on the "Streaming" channel

Wubbzypedia Editors/Confirmed Wikibreak/A Super Wubbzy Fan! (Nitro Booster) roles

  • Can see the server audit log
  • Can read #full_logs
  • Can mention everyone
  • Can send TTS messages to any text channel
  • Can create an invitation to the server

Pets role (Mod's reliable friends)

  • Unlimited access to #not-safe-for-wubbzy
  • All permissions of @Wubbzypedia Staff except read #staff_chat, connect to Staff Talk, use the priority speaker and see the audit log.

Emoji Manager role

  • All permissions of @Wubbzypedia Editors
  • Can manage server emojis

Wubbzypedia Staff role

  • Can change the nicknames of other users
  • Can manage messages (delete and pin) (not cooldown on any channel)
  • Use the priority speaker
  • Mute voice chat members 
  • Move voice chat members to another channel
  • Can read #staff_chat, but not write on that channel.
  • Can connect in Staff Talk, but not talk on that channel.
  • They still cannot access #not-safe-for-wubbzy without first asking for permission

Widget's Invents role (Bots)

  • All permissions of @Mod and @Admin

Mod role

  • All permissions of @Wubbzypedia Editors and @Wubbzypedia Staff
  • Can manage roles
  • Can kick members
  • Can ban members
  • Can deafen members.

Admin role

  • All permissions of @Mod and @Emoji Manager
  • Can manage server
  • Can manage channels
  • Can manage webhooks
  • Can ignore any channel override.
  • Can write in #welcome-and-rules, #announcements, #roles


Walden: Founder and owner of the server.

Tiny: Admin of this server.

Wubbzy: Admin of this server.

Buggy: Admin of this server.

Widget: Inactive moderator of this server.

Join now, and enjoy your stay chatting with other Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! fans!

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