Wow Wow Discord is a Discord server for fans of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. It was founded by Telli.

Server rules

All the rules are listed in https://wubbworld.xyz/wwd/rules


Upon entering, you will be with the default role "@everyone", which has these restrictions:

  • You can't change your nickname
  • You can't insert links
  • You can't upload files (except in #wubbzy_art and #other_art)
  • You can't view the voice channels
  • You can't stream video.
  • You can't use custom emojis (except in #emoji_playground)

To remove the restrictions, just keep complying with the rules, and keep chatting, so that the bot can give you level 2 and the Verified role, obtaining more permissions on the server.

If you break the rules by having the verification role, that role will be removed from your user.

If you are seen breaking the rules (2 warnings), you will be given a "Restricted" role, indicating that you are about to be banned.

The restrictions of this role may vary. Possibly it will become a text mute role soon.

If you continue to infringe, you will be banned from the server (4 warnings).

If you want to read the messages of the NSFW channel, you must confirm that you are over 18 years old, and we will be granting access to that channel.


Text Channels

Channel Topic Slowmode? Access
#welcome_and_rules Rules of Wow Wow Discord No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin

#announcements All news (such server changes) will be posted here! No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#roles React to the message, and get the roles of "character fans" No Read = @everyone

Write = @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#wubbzy_wednesday Every Wednesday a publication will be created, to talk about the series. No Read = @everyone

Write (everyday) = @Admin, @Wubbzy Wednesday Writer, @Widget's Invents

Write (Wednesday) = @everyone

#introductions Introduce yourself! Say what you have to say about yourself. Yes (6 hours) @everyone
#wubb_hub For general talks, whether from Wubbzy, related or other topic. No @everyone
#staff_chat Conversation between server staff. No Read-only: @Wubbzypedia Staff

Read and Write: @Admin, @Mod

#full_logs Things that are changed on the server (such as a message, emotes, overview or members) will be registered here. No Read-only: @Mod, @Wubbzypedia Staff, @A Super Wubbzy Fan!, @Wubbzypedia Editors

Read and Write: @Admin, @Widget's Invents

#wubbzy_art To share art related only to Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (this channel has distribution rules) Yes (15 minutes) @everyone
#other_art Share another type of art or that does not comply with the rules to be in #wubbzy_art Yes (30 minutes) @everyone
#emoji_playground To play with our emotes without limits! No @everyone
#rp For role-playing stuff as Wubbzy characters. No @everyone
#server_feedback Suggest new things for the server! Yes (15 seconds) @everyone
#heckposts Any random stuff, nonsensical and fun. No @everyone
#not-safe-for-wubbzy NSFW channel. No filters here. No Specific members, @Admin, @Mod, @Widget's Invents, @Pets
#voice_chat Used when a voice call is made. Yes (5 seconds) @Verified+
#bots To use/control/play with the bots included in the server. No @everyone

Voice Channel

Channel Topic Access
Music To listen to music with the Rythm bot Connect-only = @everyone

Speak = @Verified+

Music_HQ To listen to music with the Rythm 2 bot, in high quality Connect-only = @everyone

Speak = @Verified+

Voice_Chat To communicate with other members by call @Verified+
Voice_Chat_HQ To communicate with other members by call, in high quality @Verified+
Streaming For any type of streaming with the function Go Live @Verified+
Staff Talk Voice chat between server staff Connect-only = @Wubbzypedia Staff

Speak = @Admin, @Mod


Level roles

Verified (Level 2)

  • Can insert links and upload files
  • Can use custom emojis from other servers
  • Can change their own nickname
  • Can stream video
  • New channels: #wubbzy_media, #voice_chat

Birdy Bird (Level 6)

  • Can send TTS messages to any text channel

Kickety-kick Ball (Level 10)

  • Can create an invitation to the server
  • New channel: #ultimate_clubhouse


  • Wubbzy Wednesday Followers
  • Emoji Helpers
  • Wubbzy Physical Merchandise Owner
  • Wubbzy Digital Merchandise Owner
  • Spanish
  • A Wubbzy Fan
  • A Widget Fan
  • A Walden Fan
  • A Daizy Fan
  • Season 1 Fans
  • Season 2 Fans
  • A Wubby Fan
  • A Mopsy Fan
  • A Wubb-Girlz Fan
  • A Kooky KId Fan

Indication roles

  • Restricted: As the name says, it is because you have surely broken the rules of the community. The restrictions configured in this role may vary.
  • Role-playing at server level: Pretend to be a character from the series at all times.
  • Wubbzy Speedrunner: It is given if you run or speedrun any Wubbzy game. It is another community that verifies this in: https://www.speedrun.com/wubbzy. And if you do not appear here and/or do not have a video, the role cannot be given.
  • Pets: Mod's reliable friends
  • Party Planner: Responsible for events on the server.
  • Wubbzypedia Editors: 100 editions in namespace 0 or edit the wiki 5 days in a row.
  • Confirmed Wikibreak: They confirmed their break from the wiki for other activities, and will return.

Winnable roles

  • A Super Wubbzy Fan!: Boost the server.
  • Wubbzy-Media Publisher: Chosen to upload content to #wubbzy_media. You must send something to us first before obtaining this role.

Staff roles

  • Widget's Invents: Server bots, they are given all permissions except Administrator.
  • Wubbzypedia Staff: Those who work on this wiki.
  • Mod: Moderators of the server, they only have the responsibility to ensure that the rules are followed, assist to small requests and to act if something goes wrong on the server.
  • Wubbzy Wednesday Writer: Write the WW post in the current week, or next week if it's already passed Wednesday.
  • Emoji Manager: In charge of the current emojis on the server.
  • Admin: Full access to the server, they have the responsibility to make sure the minor role members work, manage the current server rules, maintain WW, review events and attend requests that the Mod cannot answer. They have the right to create, modify or remove server functionality, whether there is poll or not.
  • Server Founder: The founder of this server. Since she is still the owner, she can modify and eliminate any core functionality and give instructions to the administrators so that the server continues its course.


Walden: Founder and owner of the server.

Tiny: Admin of this server.

Wubbzy: Admin of this server.

Buggy: Admin of this server.

Widget: Inactive moderator of this server.

Join now, and enjoy your stay chatting with other Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! fans!