Wubbzy Goes Boo! is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! coloring and activity book.

The back of the book has a decal of Wubbzy to draw costumes on with crayon. They can be erased to draw new ones on.


It's Halloween and Wubbzy and his friends are dressing up for the Wuzzleburg harvest festival. Walden goes as a Viking, Widget goes as an astronaut, Daizy goes as a flower princess, and Wubbzy goes and wants to scare everyone at the festival as Planet Doom's Hairy, Scary Monster.

At the harvest festival, everyone's enjoying the Ferris wheel and delicious food. There's a pumpkin contest and Wubbzy want to look for the biggest pumpkin for it. Daizy puts a bow on hers and names it 'Pinkie Pumpkin'. Then it's time for painting faces and Wubbzy paints Widget's.

When the festival was over, everyone changes their costumes and went to the Wubb Club for the dance party. Wubbzy is excited for Halloween next year and the story wonders what he'll dress up as by then. On the story's last page, Wubbzy tells the readers to have a wubb-tastic Halloween.

Page Activities

Despite being a coloring book, only a few pages, as well as just the characters in almost every page and objects in a few pages, are white for you to color.

Page 3

You must draw yourself wearing your favorite costume for Halloween.

Page 5

There are pumpkins hidden in the leaf pile and Walden wonders how many are in there. You must find and count the pumpkins, then write your answer on the line when you think you have it.

Page 7

Widget rides her spaceship. To see what the ship looks like, you must connect the dots.

Pages 8 and 9

Both pages have a picture of Daizy that are nearly the same. You must find the five differences between the two Daizys and circle them on page 9.

Page 11

You must draw a scary costume on Wubbzy for him to wear.

Page 13

You must reveal Wubbzy's favorite treat by connecting the dots.

Page 15

You must find and circle the biggest pumpkin.

Page 17

You must decorate and paint the pumpkin in any way you want.

Page 19

You must decorate Wubbzy's face with paint.

Pages 20 and 21

You must find and circle the ten balloons on the pages.

Back Cover Activity

Wow! Wow! Costumes!

"Wubbzy loves dressing up for Halloween. Use a crayon and draw a costume for Wubbzy to wear as he goes trick-or-treating. Want to dress him up in something different? Simply wipe off the crayon and draw a new costume for Wubbzy! Wow! Wow! Wow!"


  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
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