Wubbzy's Personal Stamp is a short from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! featured after the episode, Wubbzy in the Middle.

Characters Present


Wubbzy tries to put a sticky stamp on his letter to Widget.


After putting a letter to Widget in an envelope, Wubbzy attempts to put a stamp on it. However, it sticks to his finger instead. Wubbzy tries again, only to have stamps stick to all his fingers on his left hand. Wubbzy keeps trying to get a stamp on the envelope, but each stamp gets stuck to him every time. After running out of stamps, and getting covered in stamps, Wubbzy decides to mail himself, and his letter to Widget. Wubbzy eventually appears in Widget's mailbox, and gives Widget the letter. Widget however, leaves Wubbzy in the mailbox, and Wubbzy gets stuck there.


  • This is the only season 1 short that plays after the second vignette episode.