Not to be confused with Wubbzy's Big Move.

Wubbzy's Big Movie! is a made-for-television movie based on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Wubbzy's Big Movie! premiered on the Starz Kids and Family channel on August 29, 2008. It was produced by Starz Animation and Bolder Media in association with Film Roman. It is the only Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! project to not be broadcast on any Nickelodeon channel in the United States.


It is a quiet day in Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden are reminiscing on some of their favorite memories. As they go to get some doodleberry pie, Wubbzy trips on a rock. Wubbzy tumbles down a hill, hitting his head several times until he loses his memory and mooing like a cow. Widget and Walden go to help him, but for Wubbzy, they now appear to be strangers.

Widget and Walden take Wubbzy to Dr. Flooey's office to examine his case. At Dr. Flooey's office, Wubbzy doesn't remember anything. Dr. Flooey tells Wubbzy that he was in his office just a week ago for a prognosis of his tired tail. Wubbzy does not remember that visit. Widget reminds Wubbzy of the appointment, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Flooey then concludes that Wubbzy has a case of knockity-noggin. Flooey explains that it could be treated by further retelling Wubbzy some of his past adventures. Walden takes Wubbzy home, showing him his notebook.

The notebook's written memoirs make references to previous episodes in the first season. Walden ends up failing to rekindle Wubbzy's memory this way, so he turns to Widget. While in Widget's workshop, Widget first shows Wubbzy the Tail-o-Tronic 3000, allowing him to control the machine as well. While this fails to recapture Wubbzy's memories, he appreciates the costume. Widget then builds the Remember-When 3000 in order to visualize Wubbzy's memories. Widget sits Wubbzy in front of the machine and demonstrates some scenes until a scene from Perfecto Party and then that episode plays.

This is an unsuccessful treatment for Wubbzy, so Widget and Walden continue playing other memories on the screen. After some time, the Remember-When malfunctions. Wubbzy was afraid, as he has a fear of darkness. Walden reminded Wubbzy that he once stayed late watching horror movies; this made Wubbzy afraid, despite having forgotten the memory. Shortly after, the machine begins working again. This time however, the invention grabs Wubbzy and throws him, causing him to fall and hit his head again. After this, Wubbzy regains his memories and remembers his friends too. Afterwards, they go back to get doodleberry pie.


Widget: Jeepers, he doesn't remember anything.

(Wubbzy Moos)

Walden: And he's mooing like a cow!

Widget: Something must've happened to him when he fell on his head!



  • In order, episodes featured in the movie include "Puddle Muddle," "The Tired Tail," "Pirate Treasure," "Come Spy with Me," "A Tale of Tails," "Perfecto Party," and "Monster Madness."
  • A picture from "Wubbzy in the Woods" and Escape From Dino Island were briefly shown in Walden's scrapbook.
  • The movie contains roughly seven minutes of new material, of which is built around featured episodes.
  • The movie features a new dub of "A Tale of Tails", featuring rerecorded Wubbzy lines from Grey DeLisle. This was likely done for consistency purposes.
  • Although the movie takes place during Season 1, the Remember-When 3000 showed pictures of Wubbzy from Season 2 episodes.
    • During Wubbzy's old memories, clips of Daizy were seen briefly, but Daizy had not yet been introduced.
  • This is the only Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! production to only air on Starz and to not air on any Nickelodeon-branded channel in the United States.
  • On the movie's poster and DVD cover, Widget's arm is longer than usual.
  • A Persian dub of this movie was produced, although only material exclusive to this movie was dubbed.
    • The songs were also not dubbed into Persian.

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    • Widget/Huggy/Old Lady Zamboni as Lara Jill Miller
    • Walden/Earl/Swinging Kid #2/Ball Kid #1/Photographer/Dr. Flooey/Chef Fritz/Moo Moo The Magician/Sweet Tooth Tom/Store Clerk/Announcer/Tv Character as Carlos Alazraqui
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