Wiggles is Moo Moo the magician's pet rabbit that he uses in his magic show. After introducing his pet in a magic show, Wiggles wiggles his ears, suggesting that that's why Moo Moo named him Wiggles.


Wiggles is a very light pink rabbit with a black nose and eyes, pink whiskers, and pink insides of his ears.


The only episode that Wiggles is mentioned by name is in The Tired Tail. Moo Moo hides Wiggles in one of three magic hats and a volunteer (Wubbzy) is supposed to find him while the magic hats magically circle overhead.

In Magic Tricks, Moo Moo also pulls a rabbit out of his hat that looks like Wiggles. His students do the same, except for Wubbzy. Widget pulls out a whole bunch of rabbits!