Watch the Birdie is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

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Wubbzy discovers that his little friend Birdy-Bird is secretly stealing things from his house. He tries to stop her, but she keeps grabbing things and flying off with them. 


The episode begins with Wubbzy saying that it's the perfect day to fly a kite. But he needed scissors to untangle all the kite string. When Wubbzy returns to the kite with scissors in his hand, he was surprised to see that all the kite string disappeared. Wubbzy decides to play with his train set instead. But he needed to get his train conductor hat. When he returns with his train conductor hat on, he is surprised to see that his train set has disappeared too.

Wubbzy thinks that someone is taking all of his stuff. So he decides to get to the bottom of it. He leaves out a purple crayon and hides behind the kitchen drawers to see who takes it. Then, birdie bird comes in. Wubbzy hopes that birdie bird doesn't scare the robber away. Birdie bird checks to make sure no one is looking. Then, she picks up the crayon and flies away with it. Wubbzy realizes that birdie bird is the robber, and decides to prevent her from stealing more things.

Then, Wubbzy hears the doorbell ring, and goes to answer the door. But when he opens the door, no one is there. While Wubbzy wasn't looking, birdie bird sneaks into his house unnoticed. When Wubbzy goes back inside, he sees birdie bird fly out of his house carrying a blanket. Wubbzy chases after birdie bird, and then she suddenly vanishes. As Wubbzy searches for birdie bird, he hears a tweaking noise. He discovers that birdie bird is pulling on his washing line. Wubbzy tries to stop birdie bird, but it was too late. Birdie bird pulls the washing line free, and all the clothes that were hanging on the fishing line fall on Wubbzy. He says that he's going to need some help stopping that bird.

Wubbzy goes to Widget's house and tells Widget that he doesn't want to do anything to hurt birdie bird, but he can't have birdie bird take all of his things. Fortunately, Widget knows the best way to stop birdie bird. She invents The Super Scarecrow 3000. guaranteed to prevent birdie bird from stealing Wubbzy's things. As soon as Widget's brings The Super Scarecrow 3000 to Wubbzy's house, him and Widget hide behind a tree and wait for birdie bird to show up. Birdie bird does show up, and lands on the scarecrow's hat. Widget activates the scarecrow, and it scares birdie bird, only for the bird to steal the scarecrow's hat.

Wubbzy and Widget were surprised when they saw birdie bird do that, and think that The Super Scarecrow 3000 isn't scary enough. But while they were standing there, birdie bird lands on Widget's remote control and switches the scarecrow on. This time, it scares Wubbzy and Widget so bad that they run away screaming. They bump into Walden, who is exiting the library, carrying a stack of books. Wubbzy and Widget tell him everything that is going on. Walden has a plan on how he can help. At Walden's house, he explains to Wubbzy and Widget that he speaks fluent bird.

When birdie bird comes down from the tree to the bird feeder, Walden asks birdie bird about Wubbzy's things. Walden says that birdie bird needed Wubbzy's kite string for a very good reason, as well as the scarecrow's straw hat, train tracks, and the necktie, which happens to be Walden's necktie. Birdie bird quickly snatches Walden's necktie, and the trio chase birdie bird. Birdie bird then leaves Walden's necktie in at the top of a tree. Wubbzy is sure that he things are up there too, but he doesn't know how to get them down.

Fortunately, Widget just happens to have the Instant Ladder 3000. The ladder is a very small ladder, but when water is added, the ladder will grow 70 feet. After Widget puts a drop of water onto the Instant Ladder 3000, the ladder grows 70 feet, just like she said. Wubbzy, Walden and Widget climb up the ladder to get to the top of the tree. Wubbzy finds his kite string and train tracks, and Walden sees his necktie. Widget says that they've been used to make a giant bird nest. When Wubbzy looks into the nest, he sees birdie eggs. When birdie bird goes to her nest, Wubbzy apologizes to birdie bird for barging in on her, but points out that she did have a good reasons to take Wubbzy and Walden's things. Birdie bird then hushes Wubbzy, because the eggs are hatching. Out of the eggs come five baby birds.

Wubbzy and Walden praise birdie bird, and after that, Wubbzy thinks that it's time for him, Walden and Widget to go. Widget says that they will need to climb down the tree before the ladder shrinks, which it does. The trio was unsure how they were going to get down. Then, birdie bird and her babies help the trio get home by flying them home. Wubbzy thinks that it's fun, and Widget agrees with him. But Walden feels nauseous and disagrees. Birdie bird and her babies fly Wubbzy and his friends into the sunset as the episode ends.


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Post-Show Skit

The short, "Instant Cooking (Too Many Cooks)", is played.

Name in other languages

  • Latin Spanish: Mira el pajarito
  • German: Verschwunden!
  • Spanish (Spain): Mira el pajarito
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Wubbzy e o passarito ladrão


  • This is the first episode where Birdy Bird has a major role.
  • A scarecrow is seen in this episode and they are also seen in Bye Bye Birdies.