Walden is a quirky intellectual who finds great wisdom in everything from ancient philosophy to tarot card readings.

He has a passionate curiosity about everything and a unique way of looking at the world. Every time he faces a challenge, he tells himself to "think, think, think!"


Walden is a good friend, but sometimes his secret fears make him want to drop out of adventures. Walden is a science type and is mostly willing to help out. He is more careful than others, but is overall a nice and noble bear. According to the theme song, he knows about science and books and art. However, most episodes show him helping by reading his books and using science; his art skills are not shown much, but the episode where his art skills appear the most is You Gotta Have Art. He appears to be more of a fatherly or uncle-like figure to Wubbzy due to his wisdom and maturity level.

Part of his extensive knowledge includes the ability to communicate with various animals. For example, in O' Figgity Fig Tree, Walden talks with a glowfly to gather it's glowfly friends to act as lights on the tree.

Walden has a habit of repeating words three times. Other than occasionally using Wubbzy's "wow wow wow", he often says "yes yes yes" when affirming something, "no no no" when disagreeing or warning, and "my my my" when exclaiming amazement. He speaks in with an Australian accent.


Walden is a purple bear with black eyeglasses that have blue lenses. He has a red shirt with white polka dots and a white collar, and wears a turquoise tie.


Walden has appeared in most episodes of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. Walden made his first appearance in A Tale of Tails. Walden's last appearance was in Woozy Walden, the final episode.


  • Walden was originally based off of Ted from A Tail of Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted. The only difference is Walden lives in an observatory while Ted lives in a Tree Stump.
  • His voice actor Carlos Alazraqui had nothing to do with Yin Yang Yo! or Danny Phantom, but has worked with Bob Boyle on Cartoon Network's Clarence and the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot, as well as voicing the title character in the failed Nickelodeon pilot Grumpy Puppy.
  • He is around the age of 12 years old, but is somehow able to live on his own, and his family is never explored either.
  • Walden is the last of the main characters to catch a disease, which happened in Woozy Walden.
  • Walden's voice actor, Carlos Alazraqui also voiced Felipe from Handy Manny, but that show premiered a year before Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! premiered.