Wacky Wubbzys

Wacky Wubbzys are dysfunctional copies of the real Wubbzy who appear in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


All of the Wacky Wubbzys, except the first three, are different colored lookalikes of the real Wubbzy.

Wubbzy with Hair Sticking Up

After he was created, he looks just like Wubbzy, but with a piece of golden hair sticking out of his head.

Duck Wubbzy

When changed, his mouth turns into a duck bill, his tail turns into the same hair on his head, and his hands turn into wings.

Tall Wubbzy

After being created, he also looks like Wubbzy, except his legs are longer.

Stretchy Wubbzy

Later, he's able to stretch his body for up to hundreds of meters. He can stretch in one direction and angle it as many times as he wants, but it can only go so far.

Round Wubbzy

After being created, his head and body are shaped like a circle instead of a square. Daizy described it like he got tubby.

Balloon Wubbzy

Later, his head and body grew really big, causing him to fly like a balloon. His face and body parts remain normal sized.

Rest of the Wacky Wubbzys

The rest of them come off as looking pale green with green wavy horizontal stripes, green and yellow-green with vertical stripes, red, purple with a pink grid, green, blue, pale blue, dark blue with light blue spots, green with pale green horizontal stripes, orange-red with small yellow spots, white and hot pink check squared, aqua blue with pale blue wavy horizontal stripes, fuzzy and teal, dark yellow with aqua blue zigzag horizontal stripes, light purple and pale pink vertical stripes, blue with orange spots, and small sized that's light red with pink spots.


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  • A few of the Wacky Wubbzys were only shown on the title card for Too Many Wubbzy's and aren't in the episode.


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