Too Much of a Doodle Thing! is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

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Wubbzy loves to eat doodleberries and accidentally grows too many. Wubbzy and his friends find ways to get rid of all the extra doodle berries and get sick of eating them.


In the Wubb Club, Wubbzy eats his favorite fruit, doodle berries when Walden comes in with some vegetables: zig-zag zucchini, curly corn, and kooky carrots. He offers some veggies to Wubbzy, who declines because he only likes doodle berries. Walden tells Wubbzy that if he eats too many doodleberries, he might just turn into one. Wubbzy looks in his reflection and says that he's still himself, and he realizes that he's out of doodleberries. Walden offers him some ring-a-ding-ding beans, but Wubbzy declines and decides to get more doodleberries at the grocery story. There he meets Widget, who has gathered some delicious fruits: plaid apples, purple polka-dotted pineapples, and bendy bananas. She offers one to him, but Wubbzy declines, saying that he only wants doodle berries. He discovers that the store is out of doodle berries. Widget suggests Wubbzy eat other foods because variety is the spice of life. Wubbzy decides to go to the doodleberry patch and pick more, and Widget gives him the same warning Walden did earlier. He goes to the doodle berry field only to find there is none left. He goes to Daizy, who introduces him to her singing sunflowers. Wubbzy asks for doodleberry seeds, and she gives him one. Wubbzy doesn't think it'll grow too many doodleberries, and Daizy says that it will with some magic grow spray.

At firsy, Wubbzy only sprays a little but of the grow spray on the seed, and a bush full of doodleberries grows. That's when Wubbzy decides that he wants more and sprays more of the magic grow spray on the ground, and a whole field of doodleberry bushes grows. Daizy is shocked and wonders out loud how much of that magic grow spray Wubbzy used. Wubbzy pops out from a bush and lies that he only used a teeny tiny bit. Widget and Walden show up and think that even Wubbzy can eat all those doodleberries. With all the surplus doodle berries, they decide to do the first annual doodle berry festival. When the festival is over and the doodle berries gone, Wubbzy is full and throws the magic grow spray to Daizy, only for it to fly over her head and spill on the ground, causing more doodle berries to grow. Walden suggests they eat all the doodleberries, but even Wubbzy is sick of eating doodleberries. Widget wonders who can eat all those berries, and Walden says they'd need a mouth as big as a Stompasaurus. Wubbzy suggests they take the berry crop to Dino Island for the dinosaurs to eat. After the group delivers the doodleberries to the dinosaurs, they decide to head to the Wubb Club for dinner as long as it's not doodleberries.

The friends are enjoying the fruits and veggies Widget and Walden had bought. Wubbzy enjoys a kooky carrot and agrees that variety is the spice of life. Widget offers Wubbzy a plaid apple, and Wubbzy then eats four more. Widget warns him that if he eats too many plaid apples, he might just turn into one...and Wubbzy actually does turn into a plaid apple.

Name in other languages

  • Portuguese (Portugal): O que é demais enjoa!
  • Spanish (Spain): Un atracon de bayas


  • The title card sets the first letter of each byline (such as "WRITTEN BY") larger than the following letters. The "B" in the "BY" portion of the storyboard credit, however, is of standard size.
  • In this episode, The Sillysuars' tongue is pink instead of purple.
  • Although seeds were needed to plant doodle berries, the magic grow spray itself seems to be what makes them grow since seeds weren't needed when Wubbzy used the spray a lot, and was later spilled, to make a lot of them.
  • For some weird reason, Wubbzy ate a whole town load of doodleberries and didn't turn into one. But he turned into a plaid apple after eating only five of them.
  • Moral: Variety is the spice of life.
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