Too Many Wubbzy's is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

Characters Present

Main characters

Other characters

Wacky Wubbzys

Original clones
  • Duck Wubbzy
  • Tall/Stretchy Wubbzy
  • Round/Balloon Wubbzy
Later clones (created by Duck Wubbzy)
  • Pale Green Wubbzy with Green Wavy Horizontal Stripes
  • Green and Yellow-Green Vertical Striped Wubbzy
  • Red Wubbzy
  • Purple Wubbzy with pink grid
  • Green Wubbzy (acts like a dog later in the episode.)
  • Blue Wubbzy
  • Pale Blue Wubbzy
  • Dark Blue Wubbzy with Light Blue Spots
  • Green Wubbzy with Pale Green Horizontal Stripes
  • Orange-Red Wubbzy with Small Yellow Spots
  • White and Hot Pink Checkered Wubbzy
  • Aqua Blue Wubbzy with Pale Blue Wavy Horizontal Stripes
  • Fuzzy Teal Wubbzy
  • Dark Yellow Wubbzy with Aqua Blue Zigzag Horizontal Stripes
  • Light Purple and Pale Pink Vertically Striped Wubbzy
  • Blue Wubbzy with Orange Spots
  • Small Light Red Wubbzy with Pink Spots (only present in Wubbzy Wiper scene, says high-pitched/fast "Wow Wow!" as sucked in.)


Wubbzy is invited to three different events by each of his friends. He doesn't realize they happen all at the same time until after he accepts all of them. To fix the situation, he borrows Widget's cloning device to make two clones of himself so that he can be at all three places. Unfortunately, there was a bug in the machine, so the Wubbzy clones start to act crazy. Pretty soon, lots of crazy Wubbzys are running amok in Wuzzleburg. Widget gets the Wubbzy Wiper 3000 and sucks up all the Wubbzys, except for Round/Balloon Wubbzy, in which he was not found and anyways can't fit. Wubbzy apologizes for causing so much trouble and decides to go back to the places he wants to go, but one at a time, and they all laugh. The camera pans up to Round/Balloon Wubbzy (still floating) who says "Wow wow!" once more and the iris closes.

Name in other languages

  • Spanish (Spain): Demasiados Wubbzys
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Wubbzys a mais


  • This episode is extremely similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Overbooked. Coincidentally, both of the shows episodes premiered in the same year.
  • The title card of the episode is grammatically incorrect. Instead of "Too Many Wubbzy's", it would be "Too Many Wubbzys" or "Too Many Wubbzies" in grammatically correct form.
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