The Wubb Club is a multi-purpose Wuzzleburg building, known for having rooms of various functions. This building first appeared in the Season 1 episode, The Wubb Club, and is often seen as the main characters' hangout place in Season 2.

Known Rooms


The building is shaped in the letter "W", standing for its name. The bottoms of the "letter" harbor two entrances. Alongside the front walls, the Wubb Club features a variety of window types and . In its initial appearance, the building is seen having two pink columns; those have not reappeared since.


Inside, the Wubb Club is known to have hallways lined with numerous doors, each leading into different rooms.


  • It is unknown as to how the Wubb Club was rebuilt between its debut in "The Wubb Club" and the second season, where the building makes a full time appearance.
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