The Nasty Nose is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

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There's a pool party at the Wubb Club, but before Wubbzy gets there, his nose grows to the size of a purple polka-dotted zucchini! It isn't serious, but Wubbzy is too embarrassed to go to the pool party. His friends help him come up with a way that he can go to the party and hide his "nasty nose".


Wubbzy gets out of bed excited about the pool party at the Wubb Club, and he goes to meet Daizy at her house. Daizy notices that Wubbzy's nose is bigger, and he looks into the mirror. His nose turns long and blue, and pink polka dots appear.

They go to the Wubb Club, where they see Walden. Walden looks through a medical book and finds out Wubbzy has Nasty Nose. Wubbzy doesn't want to go swimming because he's too embarrassed. Widget tells him that it's okay to look different, and she once had a case of Bendy Ears. And Walden also tells Wubbzy he had a case of Swirly Eyes. Wubbzy thinks everyone will laugh at him, so he wants to hide his nose. Daizy has an idea, a little makeup would do the trick.

In the makeup room, Daizy puts powder and blush on him, and also a little bow on his nose. Wubbzy thinks it's too pretty, so Daizy keeps putting makeup on him, but Wubbzy keeps complaining about it. Daizy tells Wubbzy she tried everything she could think of. Widget says that his nose needs more "shaping up" than "making up", so she introduces Wubbzy to her new invention, the Face Changer 3000. The machine keeps giving Wubbzy animal noses, and Daizy suggests something quieter. The machine starts going haywire, driving around turning everybody into animals. After the machine eventually blows up, Walden says that his nose needs "more covering up".

They go to a dressing room, where Walden gives Wubbzy costumes to put on, but Wubbzy keeps complaining about them. So Walden puts a diving helmet on him, which hides his nose.

At the pool, Wubbzy finds Huggy, Buggy, and Earl wearing costumes. Chef Fritz makes a big splash, which takes off their costumes revealing their polka dot issues. At the end, they realize it was silly to hide everything. They laugh out loud as black spots fill the screen.

Name in other languages

  • Spanish (Spain): La nariz fea
  • Portuguese (Portugal): A narizite do Wubbzy


  • At the beginning of this episode, Wubbzy's clock ringing was the same as the beginning of the theme song.
  • The blue polka-dotted nose bares a close resemblance to the nose of an old Noggin (now known as Nick Jr.) mascot named Feetface.
  • This is the only episode in the entire series to not end with either a fade out or an iris out. Instead, black spots fill up the whole screen.
  • Wubbzy's hand and arm get disconnected at Daizy's house.
  • When Walden was trying to find out about Wubbzy's polka-dotted nose, Daizy is wearing her original outfit instead of her bathing suit, but she's wearing her bathing suit when she was asking Wubbzy if he's not going swimming, this occurred to Moo Moo's Snoozity Snooze, but Daizy was wearing pajamas during that episode.


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