Quacker Family.png

The Quacker Family is a family of ducks from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. They appear in Ty Ty the Tool Guy.


The Quacker Family has black eyes and orange beaks, and the female Quackers have two pairs of lashes. The parent Quackers are twice as big as their kids.

Mrs. Quacker

Mrs. Quacker has a dark orange bouffant. She wears a pearl necklace; and a pink dress with a button on the front, white semicircles around the skirt, and white loops around the sleeves.

Mr. Quacker

Mr. Quacker is the biggest family member. He has orange spots on his head, and wears a light indigo hat with a lighter indigo hat band ribbon on it. He also wears a white shirt with a collar, pocket, and red and dark pink striped tie.

Quacker Son

The Quacker Son has a bit of dark orange hair sticking out on top of his head, and orange freckles on his face. He wears a red and white striped shirt with white sleeves.

Quacker Daughter

The Quacker Daughter has dark orange hair with a ponytail being held by a red bead. She wears a purple dress with a white button on the front, a white round collar, a white skirt, and white sleeves.