Puddle Muddle is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

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Wubbzy and his friends are going to get their picture taken. However, Wubbzy has a lot of trouble keeping clean on the way to the photographer's studio due to the amount of mud puddles on the ground.


It's picture day and Wubbzy must wear his very best clothes and not get dirty. Unfortunately, it rained last night and there's lots of mud puddles on the ground, so it might be very hard to keep clean.

At first, Wubbzy ignores the rules and jumps in a mud puddle. Buggy, Huggy, and Earl show a trick to avoid the mud. Wubbzy, however, gets distracted and ends up in the mud again.

Wubbzy then uses an umbrella, but a big gust of wind lifts him with his umbrella and Wubbzy ends up in the mud yet again.

Widget creates a giant hamsterball to help Wubbzy avoid the mud. Soon, it starts rolling downhill and Wubbzy falls in the mud again.

Wubbzy now thinks the best way to avoid getting dirty is to ride a taxi. It goes through a car wash, Earl's jug of honey, and a giant pillow.

Finally, a messy taxi drops off Wubbzy at the photographer's studio. When he is about to go inside, he hears a cry for help. Old Lady Zamboni's pet parrot is in a tree and she asks Wubbzy to get it for her.

Unfortunately, as he grabs the parrot by the legs, the parrot takes off, dragging Wubbzy through the air and through mud puddles. It drops Wubbzy and flies back into its cage. Wubbzy falls into the mud, once again.

Fortunately, Widget and Walden understand that Wubbzy was helping someone, which, according to Walden, is "always more important than keeping clean." Wubbzy feels bad that they look nice and he's a mess, but they jump in the mud too.


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Post Show Skit

The song, "Kooky!", is played.

Name in other languages

  • Latin Spanish: Cuidado con el lodo
  • Spanish (Spain): Un lío muy sucio
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Fotografia de grupo


  • This episode is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Picture Day", however, this episode aired first
    Picture Day aired August 2, 2007
    • This episode is also similar to the Recess episode "One Stayed Clean", however, "One Stayed Clean" aired earlier than this episode.
  • In the Latin Spanish version, the beginning of the episode
    When Wubbzy shows the annual photos, when Wubbzy bathes and dresses
    is censored or not dubbed.
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