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This article is about the characters. For the species with a similar name, go to Giant Goo Goo.

Mother and Father Goo Goo are red parents of the lost Baby Goo Goo from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. The mom is a pig while the dad is a weasel.


Mother and Father Goo Goo are grown up Goo Goos and circus performers who play hoopty-horns and performed their circus routine in Wuzzleburg. They really care about their daughter and get worried when she's lost. They're also very generous when they gave Walden a hoopty-horn when his got crushed, and let him and his friends perform at the circus.


Mother Goo Goo

Unlike Baby Goo Goo, Mother Goo Goo's trunk is centered on her face instead of hanging down, and her ears and tail aren't shown, but are likely the same as any other Goo Goo. She has yellow hair, with two pigtails held by sky blue beads, and a sky blue bow in top of it. She also has lashes and wears a light cyan tutu. She looks like a pig.

Father Goo Goo

Father Goo Goo's tail isn't shown either, but may appear the same as other Goo Goos. He wears a light cyan shirt under his blue overalls, which go down to his feet, with yellow buttons; white makeup around his lip, and a huge red clown nose. He also has eyebrows and light purple hair in the top sides of his head that resemble flames. His trunk is hidden behind his clown nose, so its unknown if it's normally centered like his wife's, or hung down like his child's.


They're only appearances were in the end of Goo Goo Grief! when they got reunited with their baby and performed in the circus.

Mother Goo Goo also appeared in the app game, Wubbzy's Beauty Salon. For whatever reason, she has the personality of a pig instead of a Goo Goo.


  • With her bow, Mother Goo Goo has a hairstyle similar to Daizy's.