Moo Moo the Magician is a renowned magician in Wuzzleburg.


Moo Moo has light blue skin, a goatee, and parted blue hair (which is only seen when he isn't wearing his magician's top hat). He wears a typical magician suit, white gloves, and a large top hat. He also has a small amount of facial hair.


Moo Moo is featured in multiple episodes, including Magic Tricks and Moo Moo's Snoozity Snooze, where he plays a major role.

Moo Moo plays a minor role in Dash for Dolly, where he wins the Hammering Holly-Dolly from the Grabbity Grab game at the arcade while Wubbzy and Walden are buying tokens. Wubbzy was trying to get the doll for Widget as a birthday present, so he tries to catch Moo Moo in order to trade the dolly for other prizes he had won.

However, Moo Moo reaches Wuzzleburg Park and gives the doll to his daughter (in a stroller) before Wubbzy and Walden can catch up with him. Wubbzy sees how much Moo Moo's daughter loves the dolly and abandons his desire to trade for the dolly, much to his dismay at not having the doll for Widget.


Moo Moo the Magican usually encourages his students not to give up even if it is difficult, as seen in Magic Tricks, when he rewards Wubbzy with 5 stars for completing the ring trick successfully and not giving up.


  • Moo Moo lives in a enchanted castle which glows various colors.