Miss Appletree is a teacher at the Wuzzleburg school Wubbzy attends.


Miss Appletree's hairstyle looks... just like an apple tree! She has big, bushy green hair (that resembles tree leaves), with four apples placed two per row in the center of her hair.

Her skin is light blue and wears purple glasses, a purple dress with pink polka-dots and a white skirt with purple semicircles around the bottom.


Miss Appletree first appears in the episode "New Kid on the Block", the only full episode she plays a role in. She also appears in the music video for the song "Let's Be Quiet."


  • Due to the material she teaches, it is likely that Miss Appletree teaches the equivalent of kindergarten/first grade in the United States.
  • It is unknown if she replaced Walden (who taught in "Who Needs School?") or teaches another class at the school.
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