Mayor Whoozle is the mayor of Wuzzleburg.


Mayor Whoozle has green skin and almost always wears a purple top hat with a yellow band around it, and pink-tinted glasses with flower petal-like circles around the lenses. He has a big white mustache and hot pink hair sticking out the sides of his head. He dresses in a purple suit with a white collar, a yellow bow tie with white polka-dots, and white gloves just like any typical mayor.


He has appeared in various episodes since The Super Fixers. In the aforementioned episode, he didn't know what was the time on the broken Wuzzleburg clock tower when he had to visit an important meeting. Widget, Wubbzy, and Walden fixed the clock for him. Mayor Woozle sometimes loses the key to the city. He leads the town in the Flower Day Parade.


Mayor Whoozle is usually kind and always fair to his citizens, but is sometimes neurotic and can freak out if nothing goes as planned. However, he is also good hearted to all his citizens, by proposing to build a new playground for the children in Save the Wuzzly.


  • His key to the city is purple.