Madame Zabinga is a ballet teacher who resides in Wuzzleburg.


Madame Zabinga runs a ballet school, where she loves teaching her students. She helps others not only with learning ballet (like Widget in the episode Gotta Dance) but she finds other ways to help the residents of Wuzzleburg, such as checking on progress and announcing the big dance party in Meet the Wuzzles. She normally teaches Buggy, Huggy, and Earl, her new student Widget, and even mice.

She is a very kind ballet teacher, and she is usually kind to other people, especially Wubbzy. She calls him "my little Wubbkins" on multiple occasions. She is also nice towards Widget, who built her a self-playing piano. Madame Zabinga tried to make her do ballet but caused Widget's overalls to rip and saw her underwear in the process. Madame Zabinga was also happy with Widget clearing the snow for her. She also speaks in a thick French accent, possibly indicating a French heritage.


Madame Zabinga has yellow skin and always has her magenta hair in a bun, similar to Old Lady Zamboni. She is almost always seen wearing a ballet dress, with a pink tutu (one rare exception was wearing the long underwear "presents" given to the townsfolk by Old Man Grumpus in Great and Grumpy Holiday). She also wears glasses and ballet shoes. She also wears pink lipstick.


She has appeared throughtout the series as a recurring/minor character, and at times as a background character.


Wubbzy - It seems that she has a very good relation with Wubbzy. She even kissed him once in Mr. Valentine with Old Lady Zamboni, where he was grossed out about it.

Widget - Madame Zabinga is fond of Widget and her inventions. Widget was also a temporary student until her overalls ripped in class.

Walden - Relationship is unknown.

Daizy - Although a relationship is unknown, Madame Zabinga and Daizy share a passion for ballet.

Chef Fritz - She has a crush on him.



  • It is possible that her ballet school might be located near Old Lady Zamboni's house.
  • She is friends with Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, Buggy, Huggy, Earl, and Chef Fritz.
  • She might have a love interest for Chef Fritz.