This is a list of characters that appear on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Human-Like Characters

Most characters in the series are based off of animals. Some, however are loosely based on real-life species or fantasy creatures. Such an example is Wubbzy, who is a gerbil-like creature with a springy tail not found in such animals. All characters listed in this category talk and interact like humans do.

Main Characters

These are the show's four main characters, of which most plots in the series revolve around. Wubbzy appears in all episodes, while Daizy was not introduced until the second season, and Widget and Walden are absent from select episodes in said season.

Recurring Characters

These characters make regular appearances throughout the series, with some occasionally becoming integral to episode plots.

Minor Characters

These characters are limited to a single appearance, or have sporadic roles throughout the series.


While some animals can speak, others are limited to common animal behaviors. These characters listed below act like real animals, acting and making solely their respective sounds. While a sizable portion of these animals resemble real-life species, other animals are just plain made-up!



Most of these dinosaurs reside on Dino Island.


These species are found only as fossils.

Robots/Miscellaneous Characters

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