Lights, Camera Wubbzy is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

Characters Present


Jann Starl reports that the Wubb Girlz are now big movie stars, so Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy watch as the Wubb Girlz take part in making an action movie. During break time, they look around Wuzzlewood Studios going through the Costume Room, the Set Builders, the Fake Monster room, and the Prop Room. At the end of the break, Wubbzy accidentally starts a kickety kickball avalanche.

The Director sees this and offers Wubbzy a role in the Wubb Girlz film: "How would you like to be a big star in the movie?" Wubbzy is thrilled - until he finds out that he's playing an actual star. The others return and tell him that he can be a big star in a unique way. He gets out of it in the studio by swinging on a rope and says "Wow wow!" This impresses the Wuzzlewood director so much that he gives Wubbzy a part in the movie.

At the premiere of the movie later that night, everybody cheers for Wubbzy's performance. He really is a star!

Name in other languages

  • Latin Spanish: El gran debut de Wubbzy ("The Big Debut of Wubbzy")
  • Spanish (Spain): Luces, cámara, Wubbzy
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Luzes, câmara, Wubbzy


  • The sock's laughing resembles that of Bubbles' laughing from The Powerpuff Girls.