The Jukebox Robot is a robot that appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


The Jukebox Robot appears many times in season 2 after almost every short. He tells Wubbzy what time it is and Wubbzy takes two guesses (Example: "Is it 11 o'clock?") to which the robot marks incorrect, twice. Wubbzy then asks what time it is anyway, and the robot tells it's time for a "Wubb Club dance party". The song then starts.

Jukebox Robot Segments' Table

Wubbzy's Guesses Featured Song Episode Featured After Short Featured After
1 11 o'clock

12 o'clock

"The Wubbzy Wiggle" "Who's That Girl?" "Wubb Club Tour"
2 Summer Time

Winter Time

"Robot Dance" "Wubbzy and the Fire Engine" "The Bubble Contest"
3 Dinner Time

Bed Time

"Dance Dance Party" "Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone" "Silly Mirror Room"
4 Story Time

Tea Time

"Happy Hop" "Bye Bye Birdies" "Strange Sounds"
5 Adventure Time

Make a Funny Face Time

"Dance Dance Party" "Tooth or Dare" "Special Box"
6 School Time

Bath Time

"Dance Dance Party" "Welcome to the Dollhouse" "Daizy's Dolls"
7 Upside Down Time

Crazy Hair Time

"Robot Dance" "Wubbzy the Hero" "Fossil Fools"
8 Finger Paint Time

Picture Time

"Happy Hop" "Daizy's Hair Salon" "Hairy Dan"
9 Candy Time

Pumpkin Carving Time

"Dance Dance Party" "March of the Pumpkins" "Trick or Treat"
10 Bouncy Bounce Time

Squirrel Time

"The Wubbzy Wiggle" "Great and Grumpy Holiday" "Snow Day"
11 Daizy Time

Earl Time

"Dance Dance Party" "Daizy's Favorite Place" "Flower Fun Time"
12 Time to Get Dizzy

Time to Go Potty

"Robot Dance" "Once Upon a Wubbzy" "Magic Beans"
13 Kickety-Kick Ball Time

Timeout Time

"Happy Hop" "Hoop Dreamz" "Hoopty Hoops"
14 Crazy Pants Time

Monkey Time

"Happy Hop" "Big Bunny Blues" "Coloring Eggs"
15 Play Time

Cheese Time

"The Wubbzy Wiggle" "Save the Wuzzly" "Wacky Hat Day"
16 Hammer Time

Drum Time

"Robot Dance" "Happily Ever After" N/A
17 Hide and Go Seekity Seek Time

Time to Learn to Read a Clock

"Happy Hop" "Too Many Wubbzy's" N/A (Card Tricks if it was finished)
18 Lunch Time

Swimming Time

"Dance Dance Party" "Mr. Unlucky" "Try Your Luck"
19 Captain Wonderpants Time

Owl and Chipmunk Time

"Robot Dance" "Rush Hour" "Something's Fishy"
20 Silly Hat Time

Ride a Donkey Time

"The Wubbzy Wiggle " "Woozy Walden" "Spider World"


There are four songs, each randomly rotated through by episode:

Wubbzy's Guesses


Obviously, the Jukebox Robot appears in all of his initial segments after nearly all of the season 2 shorts.

He also appears dancing in the Jukebox Robot song, Robot Dance & he is also in one of the scenes in the Jukebox Robot song, Dance Dance Party.

He has a screen cameo in the Wubbzy video game on the V.Smile.

He appears in the book, Wiggly Day, with his original design. (See in Trivia below)


For more, see: Jukebox Robot/Images


Jukebox Robot (Original Design).png

  • The Jukebox Robot's original design was shown in the Wubbzy Wiggle's storyboard, made in October 2007, and he was originally going to be in that song.
    • His original design officially appeared in the Wiggly Day book even though it got released two months after season 2's premiere, which is when he debuted on the show.
  • The Jukebox Robot does not appear after "Cupid's Little Helper", "Hangin' with Mr. Gummy" and any Wubb Idol episodes. The former episodes feature Sing a Song (from Wubb Girlz Rule), Love Is All Around (from Mr. Valentine), Imagine (from "The Wubb Club"), while the Wubb Idol episodes feature another song/no song in place.
  • It is unknown how Wubbzy guesses incorrectly, despite being featured in multiple episodes.
  • It is also unknown if this robot was invented by Widget.
  • Wubbzy wears the same costume when he guesses 'Summer time' and 'Swimming time'.
  • With the songs that played from all of the segments combined, the Wubbzy Wiggle played a total of four times (not counting after Meet the Wuzzles), Robot Dance played five times, Dance Dance Party played six times, and Happy Hop played five times.