Jukebox Robot

Jukebox Robot

Full name
Jukebox Robot
Voice actor
John Lewis

The Jukebox Robot is a robot that appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


The Jukebox Robot appears many times in season 2 after almost every short. He tells Wubbzy what time it is and Wubbzy takes two guesses (Example: "Is it 11 o'clock?") to which the robot marks incorrect, twice. Wubbzy then asks what time it is anyway, and the robot tells it's time for a "Wubb Club dance party". The song then starts.


There are four songs, each randomly rotated through by episode:

Wubbzy's Guesses


Obviously, the Jukebox Robot appears in all of his initial segments after nearly all of the season 2 shorts.

He also appears dancing in the Jukebox Robot song, Robot Dance.

He has a screen cameo in the Wubbzy video game on the V.Smile.

He appears in the book, Wiggly Day, with his original design. (See in Trivia below)


Wubbzy's Guesses

Note: Guesses 17 and 18 are in the Halloween Variation at the bottom.

Halloween Variation


  • Jukebox Robot (Original Design)
    The Jukebox Robot's original design was shown in the Wubbzy Wiggle's storyboard, made in October 2007, and he was originally going to be in that song.
    • His original design officially appeared in the Wiggly Day book even though it got released two months after season 2's premier, which is when he debuted on the show.
  • The Jukebox Robot does not appear after "My Speedy Valentine", "Hangin' with Mr. Gummy" and any Wubb Idol episodes. The former episode features I Love You, Imagine (from "The Wubb Club"), while the Wubb Idol episodes feature another song/no song in place.
  • It is unknown how Wubbzy guesses incorrectly, despite being featured in multiple episodes.
  • It is also unknown if this robot was invented by Widget.
  • Wubbzy wears the same costume when he guesses 'Summer time' and 'Swimming time'.
  • With the songs that played from all of the segments combined, the Wubbzy Wiggle played a total of four times (not counting after Meet the Wuzzles), Robot Dance played five times, Dance Dance Party played six times, and Happy Hop played five times.