Jann Starl is a news reporter that is based out of Wuzzlewood but covers topics related to the Wubb Girlz that happen in Wuzzleburg. She is the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! version of Jann Carl, a co-host and part owner of the syndicated TV show Small Town Big Deal.

She is shown to be a passionate reporter who takes a great interest in the topics she covers. Often going out of her way to get as involved as possible. This can often lead to problems for Wubbzy as he is given unwanted attention whilst trying to escape in Bye Bye Wuzzleburg.


Her appearance is mostly based on her real life counterpart, but unlike Jann Carl, she has a skin tone of pink similar to that of Widget. She is relatively tall compared to the majority of the characters and features blonde hair which curls upwards, similar to that of Jann Carl.


She appears in most of the Wubb Girlz episodes in the second season in which she mostly provides commentary on the events taking place. She plays a more major role in "The Big Wuzzlewood Concert" where she acts as the catalyst for Wubbzy's stage fright.


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