(The short opens up to Wubbzy wearing a chef's hat. He is at a table that's messy.)

Wubbzy: Wow wow everybody! Today I'm making a small batch of cookies!

(The camera zooms out revealing Widget at the table.)

Widget: Ooh, you're also making a small mess, little buddy!

Wubbzy: Oops.

Widget: I know an easier, quicker way to bake cookies, with no fuss, no muss.

Wubbzy: Really?

Widget: That's right! All you need is the Insta-Bake 3000! Just set the dial for cookie, (She turns the dial to the cookie.) push the button, (She presses a button on the side, a chocolate chip cookie plops out of a water dropper.) and poof! Instant cookie!

(Wubbzy grabs the cookie and takes a bite.)

Wubbzy: Yummy! (Smile.)

Widget: Or, if you want something different, (She turns the dial to the cupcake, and a light blue cupcake with purple sprinkles plops out.) poof! Instant cupcake! Or.. (A donut with sprinkles plops out.) instant donut!

Wubbzy: Wow!

Widget: And now for my specialty... (She turns the dial to the banana, turns another dial on the side, and presses the button.) instant banana split!

(Whipped cream spits out of the dropper, and covers the screen. The camera zooms out, revealing a large banana split mess in the kitchen.)

Wubbzy: Wow, instant mess.

(He smiles. Iris out.)

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