Huggy is one of Wubbzy's friends. She usually hangs out/plays with Buggy and Earl, and Wubbzy often joins in on the fun.


Huggy is very sensitive and kind to others.


Huggy is a light blue, bear-like creature (similar to Walden). She normally wears a magenta and white short-sleeve dress with a matching skirt.


Huggy has appeared in many episodes throughout the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! series, first appearing in Widget's Wild Ride as a racer in the Wuzzleburg racing competition. Her last appearance was in Run for Fun, as a member of the crowd along with Buggy and others.


  • Huggy speaks in a normal and southern accent.
  • A character that looks like Huggy, but has no clothes and is pink all over, appears in A Tale of Tails.
  • She looks like Walden, but blue and smaller.
  • This character is played by the same actress as Widget.
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