The Hopping Dipple Dop is a storybook character who appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


The Hopping Dipple Dop is white with some fur on his head and between his legs. He has yellow eyes and a big red nose. He has a long white tail with dark red hair at the end. He wears a white outfit that covers his torso, arms and legs; and has blue spots around the torso area, and dark red ruff collars on both wrist and neck areas. He also wears yellow elf shoes; and a white helmet-like hat with dark blue stripes, and sticks out a thick white string with a dark red ball on the end of it.

The Hopping Dipple Dop has a white outline over his black outline, and has a storybook-like illustration. Coming out from his book, he's actually as flat as paper.


  • He's voice by Carlos Alazraqui, who also voices Walden, Earl, Chef Fritz, Moo-Moo, and some others from the same show. He also voices Felipe from Handy Manny.
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