Hoop Dreamz is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

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All of Wubbzy's friends are playing without him. He then meets a famous hoopity hoop player and gets to join the team for a game. At first, Wubbzy says he doesn't need his friends because they didn't need him, but he learns otherwise.


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Hoop Dreamz/Transcript

Name in other languages

  • Spanish (Spain): Soñando con canastas
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Amizade em equipa


  • This is the second of two episodes that Daizy is seen wearing a different color other than pink, the first being New Kid on the Block. Her cheerleading outfit for the Jammers is red and white.
    • In the same shots where Daizy is dressed to cheer for Wubbzy at the hoopity hoops game, she is also not wearing her pink bow.
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