The Growlygus is one of the most misunderstood creatures in all of Wuzzleburg. While such scary characters as the Sillysaurus and Francis the Pumpkin King are eventually befriended by Wubbzy, the Growlygus isn't given the chance to become friends.


The Growlygus is covered with red fur except on its arms and legs. It has light blue twisty horns on top of its head and purple arms and legs.

In the picture Walden drew, it has long pointy teeth. However, when it appears in front of Widget and Wubbzy, its mouth isn't wide open like in the drawing, so we can't tell for certain what its teeth really look like.


"I only wanted to borrow a whammer hammer."

The Growlygus is featured in the episode Wubbzy Tells a Whopper. He starts out as a creature imagined and named by Wubbzy and then drawn by Walden. According to Wubbzy's fib, the Growlygus stole Widget's whammer hammer. At the end of the episode, the whammer hammer is missing and Widget asks where it is. All of a sudden, Wubbzy starts shaking with fear and says that a Growlygus took it. Widget thought he was fibbing again, until she turned around and saw that it was real! Though Walden had drawn the Growlygus as a scary monster, the Growlygus explains that he only wanted to borrow the whammer hammer, but Widget and Wubbzy had already ran away.

Growlygus Dressed Up as a Bunny.png

In the short for the episode March of the Pumpkins, Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy are trick-or-treating, and they can't figure out why the people at every house screams and is afraid of them. All of a sudden, they hear behind them a deep voice that says, "Duh, beats me!" They see the Growlygus (dressed as a bunny), scream, and run away. The Growlygus innocent says that he should dress as a hamster next year because bunnies must be too scary! He also appears in the short for the episode Broken Record where Wubbzy, Widget and Walden were making shadow puppets. When Wubbzy wasn't doing anything, Widget and Walden see a shadow of the Growlygus. Wubbzy looks back to see, and sees the Growlygus standing behind them. They all run. The Growlygus then says that he can make a bunny rabbit.

"Hop on the bed or on the rug..."

The Growlygus also appears hopping on a rug in the music video for the song "Happy Hop".