Gidget, also known by her full name, the Super Solar-Powered Robot 3000, is a robot who appears in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. It was invented and inspired by Widget.


Gidget is a robotic version of Widget and has the exact same traits as her. However, she is seen to be more playful and intelligent than her human-like counterpart. She plays around with her friends, holds a wide range of knowledge in her system, and can mechancially extend her limbs and open a variety of extensions.


Gidget is widely based off the physical features her inventor has. Being a robot, however, her body is made out of a light gray metal, which is also pink and white to stand for Widget's overalls. Her teeth are arranged vertically (and also do not open up), and her eyes are entirely green.


Gidget first appears in the season one episode, Gidget the Super Robot & Wubb Girlz Rule

She also appears on the Nick Jr. online game, Widget's Build a Robot.