Wubbzy: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! - "Cupid's Little Helper."

Cupid's Little Helper

(Out on the Sidewalk)

Daizy: I really love Valentine's Day!

Wubbzy: Me too! Look at all the cool decorations!

Daizy: They're all so pretty!

Wubbzy: And look, there's Cupid.

Daizy: He's the one who makes people fall in love. You better watch out, Wubbzy! He might Get ya!

Wubbzy: Oh Daizy! That's just a fairy tale. There's no real Cupid!

Daizy: *Chuckles* Whatever you say, Wubbzy!

Cupid: Hm, looking good! Alright, It's time to spread the love!

Dog: Arf, Arf, Arf!

Lion: Roar!

Cupid: Oo-eeh! *Yawns* All this bubble blowing is making me tired! I'll just take myself a little nappy-nap and then I will *Snoring*

Birdie Bird: *Chirping*

Cat: Meow!

Wubbzy: Hey look, a Bubble Blower! Wow! A heart shaped bubble. I'm going to blow some more!

Daizy: But Wubbzy, I really don't think, Oh Wubbzy! You're so cute when you're blowing bubbles!

Wubbzy: That's nice! Let's go blow some more bubbles.

Daizy: Whatever you say, Bubbly-Wubbly!

Wubbzy: Hey Widget, Hi Walden!

Widget: Hey there, little buddy. What you got there?

Wubbzy: It's a bubble blower, that makes bubbles shaped like hearts!

Daizy: Wubbzy, I don't think you should play with something that doesn't belong to you.

Wubbzy: I'm just going to blow one little bubble.

Daizy: Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

Walden: Oh Widget, your ears are so long!

Widget: Huh?

Walden: (smooching)

Widget: Aah!

Walden: Come back my pretty pink petunia.

Chef Fritz: Madame Zabinga, this is my french onion soup.

Madame Zabinga: Mmm!

Chef Fritz: Don't you just love it?

Madame Zabinga: No my little Fritzy-Poo, I love you!

Chef Fritz: Aah!

Madame Zabinga: Come back, Fritzy-Poo!

Earl: I Love You, tree!

Wubbzy: Watch this, Daizy! I'm gonna blow the biggest bubble of all. Wow! Look at that beauty!

Daizy: You're my beauty, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: Look! It's gonna land on that big old rock over there!

[Rock tuns into a Great Grey Smellyphant]

Wubbzy: Hey, That's not a rock, It's a Great Grey Smellyphant!

Great Grey Smellyphant: *Laughs*

Wubbzy: Wow, she has a funny look on her face! It's like the look on you're face, Daizy.

Daizy: Oh, Wubbzy!

Wubbzy: I don't know what's going on here!

Great Grey Smellyphant: (smooching)

Wubbzy: Aaaah! Aaaah!

Daizy: Lavender Lollipops! My beloved Wubbzy's in trouble!

Wubbzy: Aaaah!

Daizy: I'll save you my little Wubbzy-Poo!

Cupid: Huh?

Everyone: Aaaah!

Cupid: What's going on? And where is my bubble blower?

Wubbzy: Aaaah!

Cupid: Oh, there it is! Wubbzy must've been blowing my Valentine bubbles at the wrong people.

Walden: Hello little floating man with wings. Have you seen my darling, Widget?

Cupid: Uh, no!

Walden: Farewell!

Cupid: Oh my! It's going to take one giant humungous bubble to fix this mess!

Widget: No Problemo! I know how we can stop these loonya lovebirds!

Wubbzy: Aaaah! Haha! Now I'll be safe! Everyone knows a smellyphant can't climb a tree!

Great Grey Smellyphant: Yoo-hoo!

Wubbzy: I guess everyone was wrong!

Widget: This sould about do it. Presenting the Love Buster 3000. Just blow a bubble in this here tube and this baby will blow you a bubble as big as Wuzzleburg itself!

Walden: Oh, Widget!

Widget: Uh-oh!

Walden: Here I come my long eared love!

Cupid: Okay, Wuzzleburg, It's time to lose to love!

Madame Zabinga: (smooching) (Gasps)

Walden: (smooching) What am I doing?

Widget: Whoa-oa-oa! That wasn't supposed to happen!

Earl: I still love you, tree!

Daizy: Don't worry my little Wub wubs, I'm right here. (smooching)

Great Gray Smellyphant: (smooching)

Daizy: (smooching) Huh?

Great Grey Smellyphant: Aah! Smellyphants can't climb trees!

Wubbzy: I guess everybody is right after [yelling] all! Aaaaah!

Cupid: I'll take that!

Wubbzy: Wow! There really is a Cupid!

Cupid: Yep! You're looking at him!

Wubbzy: Sorry, Mr. Cupid! I didn't know they're your bubbles. I guess I shouldn't play with something that doesn't belong to me.

Cupid: That's okay Wubbzy! I've gotta admit, it was pretty funny watching that Smellyphant chase you.

Daizy: Can I tell you something Wubbzy?, even though I'm back to normal, I still like you a lot! (smooching)

Wubbzy: *Laughs* Wow!

[the end]