Chirpees are a species of flightless birds that appear in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.They are similar to Puff-Puff Penguins with the exception of their extremely different habitats.


Chirpees walk upright on the ground like penguins and, according to Walden, they "have a distinctive waddle." They are also great swimmers, similar to penguins, but baby chirpees have trouble swimming in fast-moving water.

Chirpees' favorite food is bumble flower seeds.

Unlike other birds, Chirpees don't live in nests; they make houses that look like small human houses.


Chirpees are yellow with an orange beak and orange feet. They have a tuft of feathers that sticks up on top of their heads; most have an orange tuft, but the baby chirpee that Wubbzy named Gilbert has a blue tuft. Their wings look more like short arms.


Chirpees are featured in the episode Follow the Leader where Wubbzy finds four lost baby chirpees. Wubbzy names them Gilbert, Herschel, Tindel, and Moe, but the only one he addresses by name after that is Gilbert. With the help of Widget (who makes a suit that looks like a chirpee called the Chirp-a-Roo 3000) and Walden (who shows Wubbzy how to walk like a Chirpee and finds a map to the Chirpees' home), Wubbzy leads the baby Chirpees back home to their mother Chirpee.

A baby bird that looks like a Chirpee appears in the music video for the song "Do The Happy Hop".