Captain Wonderpants is a superhero in the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! universe. He uses various gadgets in his pants to keep the citizens of Mega City safe from harm. He has a line of various merchandise including costumes and toys.

Theme song

The theme song appears in his first appearance in New Kid on the Block. The instrumental version is used as a general theme for him as well.


He's always there, to save the day! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

When he's around, we're okay! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

The bad guys don't stand a chance! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

'Cause here comes Captain Wonderpants! (Wonderpants!)


Season 2



  • His name is a spoof on the popular book series Captain Underpants' eponymous main character.
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