Captain Wonderpants is a superhero in the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! universe. He uses various gadgets in his pants to keep the citizens of Mega City safe from harm. He has a line of various merchandise including costumes and toys.

Theme song

The theme song is played in his first appearance in New Kid on the Block. The instrumental version is used as a general theme for him.


He's always there, to save the day! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

When he's around, we're okay! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

The bad guys don't stand a chance! (Wonderpants!, Wonderpants!)

'Cause here comes Captain Wonderpants! (Wonderpants!)


Season 2


  • Captain Wonderpants Underpants
  • Wonder Wheat Toasties
  • Captain Wonderpants: The Movie (DVD)


  • His name is a spoof on the popular book series Captain Underpants' eponymous main character.
  • Captain Wonderpants is one of Wubbzy's favorite shows. His other one is Owl and Chipmunk.
  • Captain Wonderpants didn't appear at all in season 1. He's only in some of the season 2 episodes, which the first season 2 episode he appeared in is New Kid on the Block.