Broken Record is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season one.

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After visiting Walden and helping him distribute the awards for the Wuzzleburg Book of Records, Wubbzy, with the help of Widget, tries to break a record so he could have his name in the book and get a trophy. He makes several attempts at breaking different records, but is interrupted every time by someone needing his help. When he tries to stay still, He had to rescue widget and the mailman from a Buzzlebug. At the end of the day, Wubbzy thinks he hasn't broken any record, but is surprised by Walden showing up at his house with a trophy. Wubbzy broke a record that he did not expect to break: The Most Helpful - for helping the most people in a day. Wubbzy gets a big trophy with his name on it and gets his name in the book of records.


See: Broken Record/Transcript

Name in other languages

  • German: Wubbzy hilft allen
  • Spanish (Spain): Batiendo un récord
  • Portuguese (Portugal): O Wubbzy bate um recorde
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