• Audreyy26

    Lost UK Dubs

    May 24, 2020 by Audreyy26

    Hello Everyone! I just have a quick announcement to make... I live in the UK and I can find some of the lost UK Dubs of Wubbzy in some of my archives. They might not be in high quality but I will upload them to Google Drive as soon as I find most of the archives! Thanks for your cooperation! ~Audrey!

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  • Irregular coca cola

    hi im new

    April 2, 2020 by Irregular coca cola

    are there age rules for this wiki just checking

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  • SkyeFan13

    Fandom admins, why do you block my IP address if I am not spamming? Those blocks are your fault, and I hate your blocks because I can't wait too long, I need you to stop blocking me! >:(

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  • Reny Avalos

    Bob Boyle: So uh, Wuzzleburg is a small town with any kinds of living creatures, uh, big and small. And even um, puddles.

    Wubbzy: It must've rained last night.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Hi, this may be the only contribution to the wiki I'd ever do, but yeah. I'm a fan of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, and I was searching up "Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted" just to find some fan art. But then I found this whole book. I'm pretty sure some (if not most) of the people reading this wiki even knew "The Tail of Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted ," but one day I encountered a virtual book called "Mopsy, Flopsy, and Ted." What seperated this book from the rough sketch was that it was more similar to "A Tale of Tails " and had the characters looked quite like their fnalized designs. I don't realy know if it even deserves a page on the wiki. Oh well, here are some photos.

    Link to Scribd for the book:


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  • RudyRentW3


    November 22, 2019 by RudyRentW3

    I will be uploading transcripts and pictures of the episodes from S1 I unfortunently wont be able to do S2 because i dont have these episodes I only have Wubbzy's Big Move/Who's That Girl and Meet The Wuzzles/Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone But i do have most of Season 1 I hope you can understand

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  • AndreMor

    Today we have created totally new themes to add on Wubbzypedia. You can add these themes to your liking in the preferences, selecting the "Gadgets" section and using a theme. I recommend using only one theme at a time, that way you don't fill the CSS so much that you see.

    These are the themes we have:

    1. Widget Theme
    2. Walden Theme
    3. Daizy Theme
    4. Kooky Theme
    5. Wubb Girlz Theme

    Enjoy them as long as you want!

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  • Supersponge456

    me currently none leave down what you have in the comments

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  • AndreMor

    Hello :) As you have seen, I am a new administrator of Wubbzypedia, and, thanks to me, you see those big changes either in Wiki Activity or in the pages of the articles, with the infoboxes. Since I came here and saw that the community of my favorite big series needed help, I started editing, for example, putting videos in other languages ​​of the songs, correcting code errors in the articles, or putting valuable information that was previously erased . I entered the XML code for portable infoboxes, and now, you see that the wiki is more pleasant (I think that's why the views increased) (I know that the wiki has other missing parts).

    Some of the plans I want to make are:

    • Make more infoboxes for the other articles (you knew that when you create a new …
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  • Sarahluvslincoln1997

    I am so happy to be joining Wubbzypedia! Grew up with this show when I was 8 and a half, now I'm 21 and I'm still a big fan to this day! I joined this site back on July 15th, 2018 (almost a year ago) and I joined the Wubbzy Discord channel in September 2018! I am also on the spectrum. Please feel free to follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook! Twitter and Tumblr I no longer use.

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  • CuteYoshi101
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  • Max and ruby and more nick jr

    Well wow wow wubbzy is unfonturnaly canncled. Sad

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  • Sergio López - Fan de Wubbzy

    Wow! Wow! Everyone, my name is Wubbzy.

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  • Iloveclubpenguin

    its so big

    November 3, 2018 by Iloveclubpenguin

    my match homework is really hard please help me

    what is 8x7






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  • Iloveclubpenguin
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  • Wiki Cat

    Guess who’s back!

    October 1, 2018 by Wiki Cat

    Your one and only Wiki Cat!

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  • Daniellewiki

    Best Friends Forever!

    August 24, 2018 by Daniellewiki

    I'm the second person to earn the "Best Friends Forever!" Badge! Contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days! I also earned the contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days badge on 2 other wikis this same day! XD

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  • Wiki Cat

    This wiki... is AWESOME! And there’s barely anyone active on it. Some people are, but it’s like, 10 or less people active every week.

    I want this wiki to be noticed.

    But not TOO noticed, because... reasons

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  • Wiki Cat

    Wow Wow!

    August 3, 2018 by Wiki Cat

    Wow Wow!

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  • Wiki Cat

    Fan-made season 3?

    May 23, 2018 by Wiki Cat

    I think that there should be a season 3, but fan made. Who wants to help me? This project will probably get tossed in the trash but I will try! I will voice act everyone and animate until I find people who can help me.

    - Wiki Cat :3

    Note: this is unfinished

    Edit: this project was cancelled since SuKanzoo is making a Wubbzy Dream thing.

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  • Daniellewiki

    Wubbzy's amazing adventure, Widget's build a robot, and Wubbzy Gardening are my favorite Wow Wow Wubbzy games

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  • SuKanzoo

    There's a YouTube channel named 'Fredbot' and they uploaded most of the shorts and songs from 'Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!'. On later videos, there were a few nursery rhyme crossovers with Lucy the Dinosaur he was in. On a couple of them, he was a baker making goods for characters. These aren't big and actual Wubbzy materials, and it's too bad that the channel's been inactive for a while, but it's nice they brung him back for something fitting for him. 

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  • Thomasthetankdude

    Test blog

    October 31, 2014 by Thomasthetankdude

    Yeah, this is just a test blog. Nothing more.

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  • Greatlegoman29

    Wow wow, Wubbzy fans! (or whoever's reading this post.)

    Well... this wiki is a ghost town, right? Well, this blog says so, and... NOT.

    So, it's now September 2014 and the wiki (and the whole Wubbzy community) has become nothing but a desert, that not even a spammer wants to spam on. Yes, that is true, but doesn't this beginning just seem like it's taking the above, and stretching it up? OK, so enough. Let's move on...

    In recent Wubbzy news, there has been nothing to report. However, here's a little bit of old news (never could post at the time), but our classic snack, the Doodleberry made it into the Fantasy Food Battle! However, we easily lost to all our other competitors with only about 80+ votes, but...

    If only there was another competition…

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  • Greatlegoman29

    Adopting the wiki

    April 29, 2014 by Greatlegoman29

    Wow wow, Wubbzy fans!

    Have you heard? I have plans to adopt this wiki.

    So, do you want a better wiki? Do you want zero percent spam, and one hundred percent true? Do you want awesome, new wiki features to toy around with? Do you want a more connected wiki? Do you want many more people to contribute along with us? Do you want... everything awesome?!

    First, I am going to discuss my outlook on the wiki. You stumble across some spam left by users? Well, I will sure wipe that up, as I can successfully take on spam (not fully, for now), as seen in this article. I have done a pretty stellar job at fixing grammar and cleaning the wiki up as well, with my hard work on the Earl page.

    It sure may not be a lot, but you can just take a look at my contributi…

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  • Greatlegoman29

    Hello, Wubbzy fans!

    I have an important thing for you all to see, and an update to Wubbfan's blog post, written back in September.

    Here goes!

    When I checked my cable guide last night, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! was nowhere to be seen. Not even throughout the whole week, and the day. Not even on weekends. (I believe that this change happened over the weekend) In its place, Peppa Pig now airs (it airs in the daytime way) in its place. As a matter of fact, everything else is intact, but it has just seemed like the Wubbzy universe has died out. Bye!

    The:Real:Battery:Mill 20:45, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Greatlegoman29

    Hello, Wubbzy fans!

    Today, I want to tell you the whole thing behind Season 3, as explained by WuzzleWuzzle on YouTube.

    Let's begin!

    Alright, so you know, as of 2014, there is still no Season 3. You may be asking, why? Well, it's because the production team never ordered a Season 3, possibly due to a lack of funds (but I'm not exactly here to start support towards Season 3, but it still can be), as stated in an edit to the Wikipedia article a while ago (Note: This is not the edit in which the status was displayed, you may have to go back with the history). Well, here's a little conversation on YT explaining you all that:

    WuzzleWuzzle replying to Talor9298's comment (part only):

    "FYI: Do NOT believe the "season 3 episode guide" on Wikipedia. Total…

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  • Wubbfan

    Hey everyone!

    I thought Wubbzy had been completely canceled because I did a search for "Wubbzy" on my AT&T U-Verse search tool, and nothing had come up. It has not been aired on Nick Jr for a long time.

    Still, I had already set it to record Wubbzy any day that it comes on. Today, I went on the DVR to see the recordings, and I saw that Wubbzy had aired again! It was around midnight, though, so it's only worth setting the DVR to capture.

    Anyway, I came to check in on how things around the site have been doing, cleaned up a few pages, and thought I'd let you all know of my discovery. Thanks to all who have been contributing to this site! (Except for the vandals, of course.)

    If some weird page shows up that doesn't make sense, you can notify me by…

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  • JessicaFin

    What's With This?

    July 3, 2013 by JessicaFin

    I've been hearing "Yo Dis **** Be So Nice" around this wiki. What's going on? Are the vandals on strike? Tell me what's going on!

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  • Bjbarnett2011

    Do you want to create a new promo for Wow Wow Wubbzy please???

    A brand new promo for Wow Wow Wubbzy is kaleidoscope-styled and will offer images and videos for each character in a kaleidoscope/mirror format and will also have a sitar-style kaleidoscope version of the Wow Wow Wubbzy theme song along with text in the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

    This promo will air on Nick Jr starting this early-March.

    Here's a rundown of a new Wow Wow Wubbzy promo that will air on Nick Jr this late-March:

    1. Wubbzy

    Animation: Going up, twirls around, drops down

    Video Clip: Wubbzy holding still in the treehouse

    Text: Enlace auriorty...

    2. Widget

    Animation: Twirls around in figure 8, going up, drops down

    Video Clip: Widget fixing tools, lost …

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  • Wubbfan

    No More Weird Names

    August 24, 2012 by Wubbfan

    Thanks to a local contributor, Chrismh, I realized that - just because you see something on a Wikipedia page does not mean it wasn't fabricated. I did some research and found that a non-registered user with an IP address of had created those names along with referencing something called "Walden is Stupid". >:-( The nerve! I was pretty disgusted after I did a Google search for that, to make sure it wasn't real, and found that somebody had created a "fanon" wiki site just to ridicule Wubbzy's characters.

    So, I am fixing this wiki's character pages. I'm not going to blame the user who brought the names over to this site because, after all, even I had thought it was legit when I saw it on Wikipedia. That false edit was made back i…

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  • Wubbfan

    I was updating the episode pages for Season 1 when I came to episode 17, with Wubbzy's Magical Mess-up and Tea for Three. When I got to the latter, my work was cut out for me thanks to JerryX67! All I had to do was fix the capitalization of one of the words from the previous episode and I was done.

    Thanks, JerryX67!

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  • Wubbfan

    Anyone out there,

    Sorry if I have to rant and rave, but this is getting to me just a little bit. (Besides, this is my personal blog so I'm allowed to do so. :-)

    I don't know who it is out there that keeps misspelling it. The character that's in Walden's book is the Hopping Dipple-Dop, not Dingle-Dop! If you don't believe me, go back and watch the episode again.

    I went and fixed it again. Please don't change it back.


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  • Wubbfan

    Season 2 is now done!

    January 8, 2012 by Wubbfan

    Actually, it was done a couple days ago, but, ...yeah. Anyways, it's done!

    Of course, not 100% complete, you know. Just the basics have been put into every episode, while only a few episodes have full Recaps and/or the extra info we've been adding. There still is work to be done, so any help would be appreciated.

    In case you haven't noticed the recent Wiki activity, I've already started on giving the Season 1 episodes the same treatment as I have given to Season 2.

    See you 'round the Wiki!

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  • Wubbfan

    Season 2... Almost done!

    December 31, 2011 by Wubbfan

    Hello everyone!

    I've been working daily to get the basic framework laid for all season 2 episodes' pages. I just looked and saw I only have a few more and then I'm done! Woohoo!

    Then... I can start on getting season 1 up to speed, and after that, go back and finish all the Recap sections for all episodes. I haven't done all of them yet because I'm lucky to complete 1 a day that way. I've been doing the framework (assigning Infobox episode templates, listing characters present, and making/fixing the summaries) just as a start so the details can be added later.

    Any help you can provide to accomplish these goals would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • Wubbfan

    Merry Christmas!

    December 5, 2011 by Wubbfan

    "Wow wow, everyone!"

    It's that time of year again! Christmas decorations are being put up, Christmas trees are appearing in homes, and certain radio stations devote their air time to Christmas music (at least one that I know of).

    Now's the season to keep an eye out for reruns of Great and Grumpy Holiday, The Super Special Gift, O' Figgety Fig Tree, and Snow Day.

    To quote Old Man Grumpus, "Happy Holidays!"

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  • Wubbfan

    Another day, another badge!

    November 7, 2011 by Wubbfan

    I really enjoy the new badge system (as I posted before). I got my last badge just trying to update some of the characters.

    Some people may overlook the character Fifi who is Old Lady Zamboni's pet; so I created a page for her. At least, I'm guessing that Fifi is a "her" because I assume old ladies would prefer female pets. (I hope I'm not wrong on that!)

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  • Pablor

    New Admin

    October 17, 2011 by Pablor

    I am looking for a user who is interested in being a new admin. Since most admins here can't get on much, I decided to elect a new one. Please tell me in the comments section if you want to be a new admin here. I will tell you our prime goals here if you are elected (such as fixing episode pages to match the format used on A Tale of Tails).

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  • Wubbfan

    Wow wow wow!!

    October 17, 2011 by Wubbfan

    I just recently returned to the Wubbzypedia after being gone (how long? it's now October... January...) for about 9 months. I just saw the new badge system. As Wubbzy would say, "Wow wow wow!" I think it's great! It's definitely given me reason to try out new stuff on this site. For example, I haven't written a blog before, so this is my first time! The system also makes it rewarding to be making this site better.

    If Sandra Cheeks is the one behind this, I say, "Kudos to you, Sandy!"

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  • CompliensCreator00


    July 26, 2011 by CompliensCreator00

    I'm already #1 on this wiki? Well that was quick. I guess I'm a quick editor. Oh well, some one will probably beat me too but right now I guess I'm #1 on the leader board.

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