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Birdy Bird is a character that is constantly seen in the series. It is known that Wubbzy knows this bird, since when he appears near him, he sometimes greets him, asks him to do something, or the bird can disturb him.

Major appearances

Birdy Bird had a major appearance in the episode Watch the Birdie, where Wubbzy tries to find out why Birdy Bird keeps stealing Wubbzy's stuff, later in the episode he, Widget, and Walden all found out that it needed those items to build her nest for her hatchlings.

Birdy Bird plays a major role in The Ghost of Wuzzleburg, as well. Wubbzy accidentally tosses a white sheet onto Birdy Bird, making her look like a skinny ghost. After Wubbzy scared a few people at the Halloween party, Birdy Bird shows up behind Wubbzy in the ghost costume and frightens him. Birdy Bird wins the trophy for the scariest costume, and she is responsible for Wubbzy winning the trophy for "Most Scared Person".

In Great and Grumpy Holiday, Birdy Bird is seen with a pink Birdy Bird, and a few babies in a nest.


  • Sometimes, Birdy Bird is even seen indoors, in places like the Wubb Club.
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