Big Bunny Blues is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode from season two.

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Wubbzy and friends are disappointed to find out that Easter is cancelled. To fix the problem, they journey to Easter Island to visit the Easter Bunny. They find the Easter Bunny is overweight from eating too much candy, so they help him get fit again.


Wubbzy talks to the viewer saying how it is Easter and everyone is asking for candy. Daizy writes a letter asking for marshmallow peeps. Widget uses her machine to ask for chocolate zing zangs. Walden does a calculation that says he wants gummy wummies. Walden asks Wubbzy what he asked for and Wubbzy takes out his long list and they all laugh. They go to the post office to mail there letters there and they see a long line. The mailman comes out with bad new. Wubbzy thinks they ran out of stamps. The bad news was that Easter was cancelled (like how Christmas was cancelled in a year without Santa clause). They like evero n else are sad they won't get the candy they would like. They decide to go to Easter island to see what happened. When they get there they see candy related nature as they follow candy wrappers to the Easter Bunnys house. They find an egg chair where they find an obese bunny.


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Name in other languages

  • Spanish: La tristeza del conejo
  • Portuguese (Portugal): A loucura do açúcar
  • French: Un lapin de pâques à croquer


  • During the exercise sequence, the Jukebox Robot song, "Happy Hop" is played.
  • This episode tackles on obesity and how to stay healthy.


Belly-Buster 3000: Warning! System Overload!

Daizy, Wubbzy Walden and Widget: Go, go go! Go, go, go!

Easter Bunny: WHOA!!

Daizy, Wubbzy Walden and Widget: Go????