This article is about the character. For the species with a similar name, go to Giant Goo Goo.

Baby Goo Goo is a large, orange, elephant-like creature from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Baby Goo Goo is a female infant and does not know how to speak yet. She performs in the circus, playing the hoopty-horn alongside her mother and father. She also enjoyed playing with Wubbzy's kickety-kick ball when he showed her how to play with it, although she can't balance herself well when she runs around with it.

She cries when she is far away from home, unless she hears the sound of a hoopty-horn. Her cry is loud enough to blow strong winds. She was lost once in Goo Goo Grief!, but was returned safely; thanks to Walden, his hoopty-horn and Widget's invention, the Hi-Fi Humdinger Horatio Hornblower 3000.

Similar to real elephants, Baby Goo Goo has a great memory. She easily remembered where her home, the circus, was when she looked at a picture of the empty lot it was in on the Wuzzleburg map.


Much like any other Goo Goo, this one is mostly orange. She has a trunk, a short tail and a pair of angled ears. The end of her trunk is colored a lighter shade of orange than the rest of her body.


Baby Goo Goo made her only appearance in Goo Goo Grief!. However, she plays a major role in the aforementioned episode.