All Bottled Up!; ¡Todo embotellado! is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! book included in Taco Bell kid's meals, based on the episode, All Bottled Up.


During a hot day, Wubbzy finds Mr. Hapgood and his Fizzy Wizzy juice stand. He gets some and loves it. He then shares it with Widget and Walden, then later, all of Wuzzleburg is enjoying it.

Soon, the empty juice bottles cluttered and piled up all over town. The dump was full, and with nowhere left to put them, Wubbzy and his friends were drawing a blank with what to do with them. Wubbzy then thought of reusing the bottles instead of throwing them out.

Wubbzy uses the bottles to make a drumset, Daizy uses them as vases for her flowers, Walden uses them as flasks for his chemicals, and Widget creates many things with them with her Bottle Builder 3000. Everyone in Wuzzleburg found many fun ways to reuse them and the town is clean and beautiful again.


  • According to the back of the book, it was released in 2008, although the show's episode first aired in 2009.
  • On the front cover, Daizy is bigger and Birdy Bird is smaller than usual.
  • On page 3, Old Lady Zamboni's skin color is peach instead of light green.
    • Her skin becomes light green on page 7.

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